New Report: Bitcoin Net Zero Proof of Work, Bitcoin’s resource costs, and pathways towards mitigating the externalities associated with mining.

The Challenge

When NYDIG’s parent company could not find an institutional-quality provider of Bitcoin solutions, we set out to build one.

In 2017, the bitcoin holdings of Stone Ridge, an $11B+ asset manager, started to become large enough that they required the same institutional solutions available in traditional asset classes. When Stone Ridge was unable to find them, NYDIG was born.

Laying the Foundation

NYDIG built a world-class Bitcoin platform, starting with custody and execution.

We built the world’s safest Bitcoin custody platform, meeting the highest regulatory, audit, and governance standards.

We leveraged our team’s decades of experience in institutional asset management to build out world-class execution capabilities to sit on top of our custody platform, ensuring best execution and the ability to execute large transactions.

Industry-leading Team

We have built a team of professionals with experience at the best investment and technology companies in the world.

Accelerating the Future

As the asset class has matured, a new generation of solutions has arrived, addressing opportunities from yield enhancement to financing and more.

Today, NYDIG’s world class technology platform and team of experienced professionals combine to deliver the most innovative institutional solutions in the industry.

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