Add BPF tracepoints for the mempool

Add monitoring tracepoints to mempool operations to allow performant, fine-grained measurement.
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Bitcoin has a statically defined tracing utility that allows extracting structured data during Bitcoin runtime in an unobtrusive way using ePBF (extended Berkeley Packet Filters). For background, see this discussion.

Certain tracepoints have already been defined for e.g. the UTXO set cache. It may be useful to add similar instrumentation to various mempool operations.

This bounty entails using Bitcoin's existing API to add tracepoints for the mempool, including
 - addition of a transaction to the mempool
 - eviction of a transaction from the mempool  
The tracepoints should include the time, transaction data, and any other information useful for monitoring mempool contents.

Note that this task is best approached by someone who has a proposed use for the data extracted from the tracepoints, since reviewers often want to see a concrete use-case for new tracepoints.

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Basic C++

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PR merged which adds the specified tracepoints

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