Surface "too-long-mempool-chain" in send/sendtoaddress RPC error

Surface the correct mempool error when submitting a transaction through the RPC interface.
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Bitcoin Issue

When a transaction is constructed through the RPC interface, it is submitted to the mempool for broadcast. The mempool has certain limits on how many descendants or ancestors a transaction can have, and in certain cases a transaction generated by bitcoind's wallet may fail these checks.

The current error surfaced by the RPC interface in this case is misleading.

From the original issue:

If coin selection fails as part of send or sendtoaddress, the error message returned to the RPC client is Insufficient funds, even if the actual cause is due to too-long-mempool-chain. This is likely to alarm users unnecessarily, as they will believe this means their funds have permanently vanished rather than being temporarily inaccessible.

If coin selection fails due to too-long-mempool-chain, the send and sendtoaddress methods should pass that error back to the RPC client, instead of Insufficient funds.

The related code is here.

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C++, Bitcoin Wallet

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Get a PR merged which closes the original issue. Include unit-test coverage.

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