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NYDIG is a leading technology and financial services firm focused on Bitcoin. We believe that Bitcoin is not just a new asset class but a potentially powerful force for good.
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Why Bitcoin

Economically marginalized people and populations can now have an alternative to failing monetary systems in a way that has simply never before existed in human history.

Money Is Technology

Ross Stevens, founder and Executive Chairman of NYDIG, believes money is technology, and that bitcoin is the best money we have. Click here to see the full session.

A Shake-Up Is Coming

Incumbent financial institutions are increasingly making Bitcoin available to their clients, and many of the largest and most sophisticated are choosing NYDIG.

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Our team is a group of proven innovators with deep domain expertise across technology and finance. We look for optimistic, passionate, low-ego, excellence-driven people who want to work together on creating impactful solutions. This is a rare opportunity to join a rapidly growing firm innovating in an exciting and dynamic industry.

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