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of workers are interested in receiving a portion of their salary in bitcoin
of workers under 30 would prefer to work for a company that offers the Bitcoin benefit
workers would leave their current employer for one who offered the benefit

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We explore employee interest in getting paid a portion of their paycheck in bitcoin.

What you can expect with the Bitcoin Savings Plan

  • Attract & retain talent
  • No tech integrations
  • No fees for employees
  • Adjustable contributions
  • 5-minute one-time setup
  • Adjustable contributions
  • No transaction fees
  • Sell at any time

How Does It Work?

A Bitcoin Savings Plan starts with making this valuable option available as a benefit to your employees. Once they sign up, they simply adjust their Direct Deposit allocations to direct a portion of their post-tax paycheck to the bank account provided to them by NYDIG’s banking partner.
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