September 30, 2021
Matt Carey & Joshua Zwick

A Growth Protocol - Bitcoin Strategies For Insurers

Insurers today face challenges on all sides of their business, from low investment yields, to saturated markets to product commoditization. Collectively, these challenges imperil insurers’ abilities to make good on their promises to policyholders and maintain their place and relevance in society as leading providers of financial and psychological wellbeing. Now, institutions with hundred year-plus legacies are searching tirelessly for tools to address these challenges and lay the foundation for the decades that stretch before us.

Bitcoin deserves to be considered as one of those tools. Recent market developments have converged to enable greater institutional adoption, and the balance of evidence suggests bitcoin should have some role to play in both an insurer’s asset strategy and product strategy.


  • Overview of Bitcoin for Insurers
  • Preparing a Bitcoin Asset Strategy
  • Preparing a Bitcoin Product Strategy

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