March 31, 2021

Financial Advisors + Bitcoin Survey

There is high client demand for advisors to offer access to Bitcoin. Our findings show that 22% of advisory clients own Bitcoin, but only 3.5% hold Bitcoin with their advisor.

Financial advisors have always been trusted guides to help clients navigate an ever-changing financial world. Not surprisingly, that includes new asset classes, like Bitcoin. 82% of clients expect their advisors to be a knowledgeable source about Bitcoin, but only 21% of clients have brought it up. Understanding this gap and closing it is critical. We also found that 62% of clients say they would switch financial advisors to one that offers advice about Bitcoin.

Client attitudes are shifting. Our findings suggest that more than 1 in 5 financial advisory clients already own Bitcoin today and more than 80% want to learn more about it. The increasingly widespread adoption of Bitcoin has perhaps caught many advisors by surprise, and few manage Bitcoin for their clients today. Advisors may wonder if their clients prefer to hold their Bitcoin away from their advisor, but the data points to a clear conclusion: they want their advisors involved.


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