Community Guidelines


We see Bitcoin as a unique resource for building a more inclusive financial systems. It’s why we work each day to build safe, secure, and simple ways for everyone to access and use it. Part of our mission of bringing Bitcoin to all is helping people understand and discuss its capabilities and possibilities. We are excited to welcome you.

House Rules for our Social Channels

We value kindness and ask everyone to keep the conversation respectful. Bitcoin has passionate advocates and fans. There are also many people learning about it for the first time, or who have questions they care deeply about. Social media is a powerful public square. Let’s address everyone as neighbors.

We value healthy debate and freedom of expression. Constructive comments are invited and will remain published, though that doesn’t necessarily mean we agree with what everyone says. Profanity, personal-style attacks, and off-topic comments will be deleted.

We monitor Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 7 days a week and aim to reply to questions between 9am-6pm ET.

NYDIG works with partners, such as banks, credit unions, and rewards providers to make Bitcoin more accessible. In some cases, these partners have the information needed to answer your questions. When that happens  we will refer to you them. NYDIG’s comments don’t reflect the views and opinions of its partners.