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NYDIG delivers bold solutions on a platform that is purpose-built for bitcoin’s unique properties and your compliance needs.

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NYDIG is a trusted partner to institutions with the highest diligence standards.
Asset Management
Serving institutions, corporations, and high net worth investors, NYDIG offers private funds, separately managed accounts, and bespoke vehicles across a wide range of strategies.
Full-service brokerage
Leveraging its extensive experience in capital markets, NYDIG provides a comprehensive suite of investing services built for discerning institutions.
Structured Solutions
NYDIG designs and constructs a wide variety of solutions form-fitted to client objectives, from risk management to cashflow optimization and more.
Flexible Financing
Access customized bitcoin asset-backed borrowing and lending opportunities with flexible terms and attractive economics.
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Other Services

Build & Integrate
Build & Integrate
NYDIG is a platform of innovation in the financial industry. Harness our platform to offer white label products like bitcoin accounts and rewards programs, or build inventive offerings of your own.
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Borrow & Lend
Borrow & Lend
Bitcoin has matured into a powerful asset. NYDIG blends high tech with institutional finance to help companies safely unlock its potential, fueling growth and funding opportunities.
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