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May 11, 2022

GetPayroll Announces Crypto Payroll via NYDIG

American Businesses Can Now Provide Bitcoin Payroll Benefits

LEWISVILLE, Texas, May 11, 2022 - GetPayroll, a leader in small business payroll, has teamed up with NYDIG, a Bitcoin company, to launch a Bitcoin Savings Plan as part of its payroll service offerings. Employees of GetPayroll clients will be able to use the service to convert a portion of their paychecks to bitcoin automatically.

There are no transaction fees for the employees of participating companies. Employee bitcoin is stored in NYDIG's 100% cold storage, private key custody solution with best-in-class compliance.

"During our Great Resignation and tight labor market reality, employers need to stand out from the competition. Offering crypto payroll is an innovative, sought-after benefit to attract and retain talent," says Charles Read, president of GetPayroll.

In a recent survey, Workforce Survey: Bitcoin Benefits 2022, NYDIG found that 36% of employees under 30 said they would be interested in allocating a portion of their pay to Bitcoin. Nearly 1 in 3 of those employees said that when choosing between two identical jobs at different employers, they would choose an employer that helped them get paid in Bitcoin.

Read shares, "GetPayroll has always focused on providing white-glove service with the highest compliance. NYDIG shares these same principles. They have made crypto payroll easy and accessible for small business owners. We're excited to offer this benefit for our payroll clients and their employees."

"We're excited to partner with GetPayroll, as the first payroll provider to offer Bitcoin Savings Plan," said Kelly Brewster, chief marketing officer at NYDIG. "As companies look to appeal to the next generation of workers by offering competitive benefits, GetPayroll is an early leader in providing access to exciting bitcoin benefits."

For information, contact Charles Read at, call 972-353-0000, or visit

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